All around gorgeous - recipes

All around gorgeous. The four story restaurant, in the historic Times building built in 1925, has an incredible rooftop bar that offers views of the Bay and gorgeous sunsets that just happen to coincide perfectly with happy hour. I love Ceviche.

I just can’t help myself. They offer everything, EVERYTHING, all under one roof. It’s the perfect place for almost any event - girl’s night, date night, family visiting, happy hour, sunset viewing, dancing, whatever. Plus, it’s like a ‘choose your own adventure’ game as you can change your atmosphere by simply switching floors. For years my favorite cocktail in the world was Ceviche’s Dirty Bird Martini. What espresso has to do with a dirty bird, I shall never know - even though Google is right at my fingertips, I prefer the mystery of it all.

There are many espresso martinis out there, but none quite like the Ceviche creation. I digress. Ceviche’s menu is about as long as War and Peace and deserves just as much literary credit. No matter what your palate, Ceviche has a menu item to suit your tastes. Unless you’re in the mood for a grilled cheese.

But don’t discount the Jewish contribution to the betterment of our bellies. What a dark, incomplete world it would be without bagels, challah bread, latkes, macaroons, matzah ball soup and of course, blintzes. The blintz has become a food for all occasions. It can take on many forms and accommodate many tastes. Sweet or savory, there is just plain, good ol’ fashioned magic behind these Jewish delicacies. Are you in a savory mood? That’s great! So is the blintz.

Fill that baby up with potatoes and onions, roll it into a tube, fry it and enjoy with sour cream. Throw in some fresh herbs if you feel so inclined. What’s that? You’re in a sweet mood? Well, great! So is the blintz. Forego the potatoes and fill that anxiously awaiting crepe with sweet cheese and sugar, roll it up, fry it and enjoy with our seriously addicting blueberry compote. In fact, if you aren’t Jewish, we encourage you to find a wonderful Jewish mother who will insist that you are far too skinny and suggest that you should eat the whole batch.


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