Accept her invitation - experience

Accept her invitation to join her family for dinner, for there is always room for a guest, then take part in telling funny stories and engaging in amazing conversation.

Take it from two of The Three Kitcheneers, Megan Greenberg and Charlotte Abrams (Greenberg and Abrams - oy vey!), nothing beats the ultimate Jewish contributions to our society: food, laughter and making memories.

Ocassionally, I find myself at a loss as to what I'm going to do with a particular ingredient. You know what I mean... You stare at the ingredient for what feels like an hour and keep thinking to yourself, "what on God's green earth am I going to do with this?!" We've all been there, right? Or is it just me....

At the end of the night, the Farm's Shelby King handed me a huge bag of white peaches, plums and some blueberries/ (Suffice it to say, the blueberries didn't quite survive the trip home... they proved too irresistable! nomm, nomm, nomm!) Soo.... ever the entrepreneuring foodie, I did what I always do: I looked in the fridge to find the treasures that would soon become tonight’s dinner. I combined the ingredients below to create a delicious, healthy, farm to fork meal that was effortless, tasty.... and saved me from letting a big bag of peaches go to waste.

But, somewhere in the middle of that struggle, it dawned on me that it was up to ME to make smarter choices for them while still tricking, umm, I mean, helping them think they are still eating the kind of food a kid wants. Sweet and creamy Belgian chocolate, considered to be the gourmet standard by which all other chocolate confections are measured. Beautiful, white wheat beers perfectly paired with orange slices on a balmy Summer day.

But after a drive through our beautiful city, he was sold. His beautiful restaurant, Brasserie Belge, is a testament to traditional brasserie-style dining and contemporary innovative cuisine. Be sure to check out the ‘Nightly Specials’ tab on the website where every night celebrates something wonderful, from martinis to mousse.s


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