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Place the pistachios in a food processor and pulse into ¼ pieces. Place into a container and reserve.

Remove the stems on the mint and pesto then place into the food processor with the minced garlic, lemon juice, Kosher salt cayenne pepper and olive oil. Pulse for 10-15 seconds to incorporate all of the ingredients. Add to the pistachios and blend well. Reserve for up to 5 days

Guest Chef, Cheri of The Watering Mouth pops in to show Assunta and Katie how to prepare a great app and mix up a delicious cocktail. Spend an afternoon with us over Sarasota bay. The holidays are about spending time with friends and gathering around the table to share memories. So, The Three Kitcheneers head over to Kim's house for some wonderful drunken chicken. You'll find everything from squash blossoms to sunflowers. The Wordens pride themselves on providing the highest quality of ingredients. You can sign up for their CSA Membership. As a CSA farm member, you can receive a guaranteed supply of fresh, local, organic produce, while promoting sustainable agriculture in your community.

Above the Grain is a meal delivery service that offers home-cooked prepared healthy meals. They are prepared in a fully functioning mobile commercial kitchen. Above the Grain specializes in catering to customers seeking healthier meal options while living a busy lifestyle. Alright, let’s face facts, Sarasota isn’t quite known for being a late night type of town. Most of our residents consider 10pm to be sunrise, and eating or drinking anything at midnight might as well be breakfast. But, there are many of us out there looking to enjoy our Friday and Saturday nights well past sundown. Luckily, we have a few restaurants willing to stay open and play from PM to AM, serving savory dishes and some kick ass cocktails.

Pick the Sexy Man Roll, obviously. Tuna, avocado, tempura eel and sexy sauce combine to make sweet love in your mouth. If you are a dude who feels uncomfortable ordering a ‘sexy man’ than move to North Carolina and get yourself some miso soup. For the rest of us, we’ll be stuffed to the gills with sexy sauce and girls from sex Zürich.

Dont let the Greenberg fool you, this Megan comes from a long line of Kennedys and McNallys. I can down a car bomb faster than I can get into a bar fight after making an off-color joke about a priest and a rabbi. Too much? Not into stereotypes? Well, that pretty much kills our ability to be friends

The Irish are pretty much the best people in the world. Loads of laughter - usually at our own expense, family get togethers filled with singing, step-dancing and accordions, long-standing traditions of talking as loudly as possible all at the same time, Cork Cottage pies and Jameson - yeah, nothing beats being Irish. Lynches Pub is owned and operated by sisters Chris and Ethna, who were born and raised in County Cork, Ireland, which means they are the real deal. These lassies are livening up St. Armand’s Circle after dark with the perfect pub atmosphere for singing, dancing and meeting new friends - meeting new friends is, of course, a classic Irish Tradition.


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